3 x Box Kansas aluminium in Set of case Box Size L EXOOBYNHD


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You will receive 3box made from aluminium metal & # x2714, & # XFE0

3Practical cigarette boxes made from metal in a variety of colours in a low set. Suitable for cigarette packs (not 21er) of 20. Beautiful neutral boxes with magnetic closure. The special feature here is that you can insert the cigarette case sold by directly into the box. By then close and re-open the metal box, will not blow open automatically shuts off the cigarette box to ensure that you will find everything you need to know about the cigarettes Simply remove can without annoying screwing. So you can also don't have to Hlichen picture is worth more to see the boxes and the boxes are bigger than the original box. Summary: Mega Set with three different colours Smart design makes it stand out Easy to aluminium Metal Box with only 33grams weight, compact size (91x 60x 28mm), stable and robust platform even on pack of 20even twisted or gestopfte cigarettes

3 x Cigarette Box Kansas aluminium in Set of Cigarette case Cigarette Box Size L EXOOBYNHD

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